Proper collection tips

Accepted brush and bulky items

We accept four types of items for brush and bulky waste collection. The material should be placed between the sidewalk and curb in the front yard in separate piles that are at least 4 feet apart:

  • Limbs, tree trunks, and brush trimmings. 
    • Please keep length between 3 and 7 feet. 
  • Appliances such as refrigerators, washers and dryers.
    • Remove contents and tape doors shut.
  • Bags of leaves and grass. 
  • Bulky goods, including trash items that will not fit into the green cart, such as:
    • Building, construction and remodeling materials from small household remodeling projects completed by the resident and arranged in manageable piles (allowed four times per calendar year)
    • Carpet
    • Furniture
    • Gypsum board (sheetrock) broken and placed in a cardboard box weighing no more than 40 pounds
    • Lumber
    • Mattresses
    • Window glass and mirrors placed in a cardboard box taped shut and clearly marked Glass or Broken Glass to prevent accidents
    • Wire
    • Wood Fencing

Non-Acceptable Items

We cannot accept the following items for curbside collection:

  • Household chemicals, including paint, pesticides, fertilizer, pool chemicals.
  • Household garbage placed outside the trash cart.
  • Material in bags or boxes weighing more than 40 pounds.
  • Roofing material, concrete, asphalt, rocks, dirt, pallets, and bricks. You may transport these items to the landfill or hire a private company to haul away the material. Click here for information on our residential roll-off program.
  • Tires
  • Mirrors and glass not placed in a clearly marked cardboard box.


Help us provide timely service and keep Garland safe and clean. 

  • Please use at least 4 feet of space between items for collection. 
  • Do not place brush and bulky items underneath electrical wires or tree branches. 
  • Avoid placing brush or bulky waste near the mailbox, electrical and cable boxes, phone pedestals, sprinkler heads, overhanging limbs or other stationary obstructions.

See Chapter 52: Environmental Waste Services of Garland's Code of Ordinances

Image depicting proper trash, brush and bulky, and recycling placement.